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a.1.(Med.) Confining to the bed; as, a lectual disease.
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Adorno, 'Scientific Experiences of a European Scholar in America', in The Intel lectual Migration, edss.
Thereby g less intelligent pupils lectual the corner our Terry and Stand in the corner with your finger on your lips, Sir Terry don't come to me until you've got something sensible to say.
One could also interpret her calls for universalism, though meant to correct centuries of Eurocentric intel lectual traditions, as a form of neo-Eurocentrism: Haitian slave rebels are incorporated into the grand European philosophical narrative as proto-Hegelians, rather than analyzed in their own right as independent thinkers with a distinct worldview.
According to Mark Petty, PennEngineering president, his company started the litigation to protect its intel lectual property rights.
Chuck D has been touring colleges for 16 years and speaks on almost every topic - from the legacy of Elvis Presley to the global music industry - and is widely regarded as hip-hop's most respected intel- lectual.
These health CP 8 issues together with intel- Deafness 8 lectual impairment (II) were Blindness 7 reported as being the most LNFS 7 serious problems confronting nurses in the respective Note: Table made from bar graph.