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a.1.(Med.) Confining to the bed; as, a lectual disease.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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With the country now the leading source of cyber attacks, analysts have warned Beijing may be using Huawei to spy on competitors and steal intelcally lectual property.
or revising the articlefor intel- lectual content; and (c) final
When a con- versation about African fashion is framed by a white fash- ion editor sitting in London, it's often a very reductive conversation; this is about the power being in the hands of us as Africans and being able to reframe our creative process and own our intel- lectual rights.
lectual reaction, the State tradition in Turkey's history has been shaped by strong executive power.
Although patients with HE have impaired intel- lectual functioning, personality changes, altered level of consciousness, and neuromuscular dys- function; patients with MHE have no recognizable clinical symptoms, but do have mild cognitive and psychomotor deficits.
Perhaps a valuable further insight into the back- ground and mindset of Zuma and the ANC comes from his mentor and former fellow inmate on Robben Island, the late Sedick Isaacs, the acknowledged intel- lectual of the ANC.
Just a handful of the buy-outs announced by the company last year include the acquisition of the strategy management and commercial consulting arms of High-Point Rendel, the human resources service delivery practice of Towers Watson, transformation consul- tancy Boxwood, workplace performance boutique Performance Clinic and all of the United States tax software and intel- lectual property of G2 FinTech.
Chapter three covers primarily the Pepe Carvalho novels, as Vazquez Montalban moves beyond "subnormalidad" to forge intel lectual encounters with postmodernity.
"There is intel- lectual capital in every company, and if that intellec- tual capital is alive and well managed, people come in and it's business as usual, or better than usual."
In responding to questions about their definitions of intellectual engagement, students reported a range of understandings that fell into two complementary categories: "intelI lectual engagement" in the writing center as cognitive challenge and "intellectual engagement" as tutor I collaboration.
Using a 6-point model, Rosen explores the dimensions that comprise the healthy leader including: physical health, emotional health, intel lectual health, social health, vocational health and spiritual health.
El discurso inte lectual, por su contexto de enunciacion y su publico objetivo, esta mas asido al discurso politico que el de los AWD.