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Greek Mythology A queen of Sparta and the mother, by Zeus in the form of a swan, of Helen and Pollux and, by her husband Tyndareus, of Castor and Clytemnestra.
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(Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth a queen of Sparta who was the mother of Helen and Pollux by Zeus, who visited her in the form of a swan


(Astronomy) astronomy a small satellite of Jupiter in an intermediate orbit
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(ˈli də, ˈleɪ-)

(in Greek myth) the mother of Castor and Clytemnestra, fathered by her mortal husband, and of Pollux and Helen, fathered by Zeus in the form of a swan.
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Noun1.Leda - (Greek mythology) a queen of Sparta who was raped by Zeus who had taken the form of a swanLeda - (Greek mythology) a queen of Sparta who was raped by Zeus who had taken the form of a swan; Helen of Troy was conceived in the rape of Leda
Greek mythology - the mythology of the ancient Greeks
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Beneath the heights fo Taygetus stately Leda bare them, when the dark-clouded Son of Cronos had privily bent her to his will.
"And I saw Leda the wife of Tyndarus, who bore him two famous sons, Castor breaker of horses, and Pollux the mighty boxer.
These figures, he would say, these Chirons, Griffins, Phorkyas, Helen and Leda, are somewhat, and do exert a specific influence on the mind.
I was silenced for the moment, while his eyes wandered on to an adjoining decoration, a photographic reproduction of somebody's "Leda and the Swan."
Caption(s): Leda's new Leda Lock eases assembly and disassembly.
"I called him 'the Locomotive Engine' for his untiring and overwhelming capacity for work," said Leda. After going separate ways, the two friends reunited once more when Leda formed what is now the leading TV distribs of Latin America, Ledafilms.
A few nights later Felix has a vision of a phantasmagoric figure (is it Leda?) calling to him.
Leda said her husband went to Camp Crame to clear his name and was told that the name was removed from the list.
Once again, Rachel would have to decide whether her own needs are more important than the collective needs of her Leda clone sisters.
Laila's unpleasant teasing and Leda's sudden growth spurt.
'Arnold and Leda, working with Ford's dealers and sales teams, have designed Find Your Ford to provide an easy, comprehensive way to sift through what's out there to find the perfect vehicle.'