n.1.Language; speech; voice; cry.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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While building his studio and clientele in Los Angeles, Riggs was engaged as a vocal consultant for laryngologists Henry Rubin, Hans von Leden, and Edward Kantor, who referred postoperative patients to Riggs to assist with voice rehabilitation.
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Esmael Cader, Abbas Kinawalan, Leden Abbas, Omar Abdurahim and Esmael and Aloy, both surnamed Pangilan, turned over a Garand and three M14 rifles, two shotguns, a caliber .45 pistol and several rounds of ammunition, Chief Superintendent Billy Beltran, Zamboanga peninsula police director, said yesterday.
Edwin De Ocampo, deputy regional police director for administration (DRDA), identified the surrenderees as Esmael Cader, Abbas Kinawalan, Leden Abbas, Omar Abdurahim, Esmael Pangilan, and Aloy Pangilan.
(i) the obtained results in the present study are in line with those recorded in fields studies by Leden et al.
After the graphic treatment of Leden [34], the [[beta].sub.1] and [[beta].sub.2] values can also be calculated.
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(14) GRAMMA on grecisc is LITTERA on leden and on englisc staef, and GRAMMATICA is staefcraeft.(AEGram (289.9)) 'gramma in Greek is littera in Latin and letter in English, and grammatika is the art of letters'
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