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Adj.1.far left - radical or extremely liberal
left - of or belonging to the political or intellectual left
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What is so promising in this study--especially its examination of the intersections of populism, regionalism, feminism, and left radicalism --needs to be balanced by a greater emphasis on the messy, contradictory elements of the migration story that Battat so deftly identifies.
There is no doubt that the only political force in the Middle East that can resist autocracies are the Islamists, most of whom have, during recent years, left radicalism and violence behind and begun to increasingly embrace democratic principles.
Years ago, in a review of Judge Bork's Slouching toward Gomorrah, the late Eugene Genovese wondered whether our cultural decline could be reversed by anything short of what he called a "stern regime," and it may be that a dose of New Left radicalism is just what the tradition of the virtues can use now and again.