Leg stump

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(Cricket) the stump nearest to the batsman.

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To the naked eye it appeared the ball could have pitched outside leg stump, but after watching slow motion replays from two angles third umpire Rudi Koetzen decided the Pakistan opener was out.
His "ball from hell" pitched well outside the leg stump and clipped the off bail.
The Windies bowled negatively after lunch and the South African batsmen saw no reason to play at deliveries pitched outside leg stump.
When England started their reply, Warwickshire opener Nick Knight was trapped lbw by the first ball of the innings, bowled by Srinath, that angled in after pitching on leg stump.
October, 2000: In Rawalpindi Pakistani umpire Mian Aslam rules that Hussain was lbw to a ball pitching nine inches outside leg stump.
In one period on the third day in Bangalore, Giles bowled 66 balls on or mostly outside Tendulkar's leg stump. The batsman kicked off 55 of them and the game ground to a halt.
The ball pitched in the rough outside Butcher's leg stump and yet Healy took it cleanly and had the bails off like lightning.
But Hoggard had Whittall chopping on to his stumps and then removed Andy Flower's leg stump with an inswinging yorker.
2.17Nasser Hussain: Trapped lbw by Mushtaq padding up to a quicker ball that pitched around leg stump.......179-4
From around the wicket, he pitched one a foot outside leg stump. but not full enough for Ramprakash to kick it away.
His was the first of eight consecutive wickets for Mushtaq before youngster Sami uprooted Chris Elstub's leg stump. Brown, after 26 overs and 19 runs worth of stoic resistance, attempted slog-sweep to Wasim at mid-on.