informed consent

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informed consent

Consent by a person to undergo a medical procedure, participate in a clinical trial, or be counseled by a professional such as a social worker or lawyer, after receiving all material information regarding risks, benefits, and alternatives.

informed′ consent′

a patient's consent to a medical or surgical procedure or to participation in a clinical study after being properly advised of the relevant medical facts and the risks involved.
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Noun1.informed consent - consent by a patient to undergo a medical or surgical treatment or to participate in an experiment after the patient understands the risks involved
consent - permission to do something; "he indicated his consent"

in·form·ed con·sent

n. consentimiento informado.
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A Dutch startup is launching an app which will allow people to give legal consent to sex via their mobile in an initiative spurred by Sweden's plans to bolster its rape law.
4) Lack of legal consent can result from forcible compulsion or the incapacity to consent.
php) French Penal Code does not take into account the legal consent age while devising laws for statutory rape.
Please Keep in mind: All information in this write-up including any medical claims is the viewpoint of the PYROENERGEN II manufacturer and info with legal consent taken from the suppliers internet site.
The judge at the Johannesburg magistrates' court also ordered the prosecution to produce the official identity document of the teenager accusing Mbuso Mandela of rape, in order to settle the defence's dispute that the girl is 16, the age of legal consent in South Africa.
The forms also document a patient's legal consent if they wish to switch to a generic medication from a more expensive name-brand drug.
For consent to health research to be accepted as legal consent it must be permitted by the legal order.
Doctors advised that she was too ill to give legal consent over her baby's future - or even be told she had given birth.
Facebook had faced charges by the Federal Trade Commission that it exposed details about its users' lives without getting the required legal consent.
The guidelines for most conditions are applicable anywhere, although occasional subjects like how to achieve legal consent in paediatric surgery specifically cover laws in the UK.
Because the girl is younger than 18, she cannot give legal consent for sexual activity under Oregon law.