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(Law) an individual or group that is allowed by law to take legal action, as plaintiff or defendent. It may include natural persons as well as fictitious persons (such as corporations).
- Blackstone.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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It also includes those persons who exercise ultimate effective control over a legal person or arrangement.
The register must include the data determining in particular the identity of the business owners, the legal constructions, the partners, the shareholders, the managers of the legal person and the associations.
3.2 million employees, compared with 158 thousand LP (legal person) taxpayers
"It is always about the physical transfer of assets from Slovakia abroad, although from the legal perspective it is not a sale of assets, since the headquarters and the permanent office moving assets between themselves,are one legal person, and so the person of the assets owner does not change.
Any person authorised to deal with the account of a legal person is prohibited from dealing in any particular security for his own benefit, or for the benefit of an account which he has an interest in, if such dealing is for the purpose of benefiting from potential material effect of that legal person's account orders that have been or will be entered on the price of that security.
But on question of the subject of the environmental crime, especially the legal person crime, there is a big difference between two countries because of the different ideology and culture.
A chimp being classed as a "legal person" might produce some unforeseen consequences, including the possibility of humans and monkeys becoming legally married.
They argue that, for income tax purposes, each one of us is, in fact, two people: the natural person, or the individual that performs the labour required to earn income; and the legal person, the legal entity that the federal government creates by issuing a social insurance number (SIN).
The legal person is a collective entity, a group of people that meet the conditions required by law, is the titular of subjective rights and civil obligations.
The maximum limit for the legal person shares in traditional private banks is set at 49 % of the bank's capital when it is below SYP 5 billions, and at 60 % if it exceeds SYP 5 billions, taking into consideration the provisions of paragraph /c/ Article /3/ of Law No.
3K-7-444/2009, by the decision of 20/11/2009, the Board of seven Judges of the Supreme Court of Lithuania explained the nature of the relations arising between the company and the sole governing body and formed principal rules regulating the liability of the director of the closed joint-stock company, as the governing body of the legal person, for the damage caused to the legal person.
According to the amendment, a company has the same responsibility and could be prosecuted for any such offence committed by any person -- exercising managerial authority -- acting individually or as a member of the legal person, or entity.