women's rights

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wom·en's rights

1. Socioeconomic, political, and legal rights for women equal or equivalent to those of men.
2. A movement in support of these rights.


(or wom′an's) rights′

the rights claimed for women, equal to those of men, with respect to suffrage, property, employment, etc.
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The event themed Legal Rights of Women Workers: The Role of Stakeholders in Implementation Mechanisms engaged stakeholders including district labour departments, trade unions, workers federations, CSOs and media in addressing issues of the women workers in formal and informal sectors.
Legal Momentum leads action for the legal rights of women through education and advocacy.
The function of the state women's commission is inter alia to see that the constitutional and legal rights of women are properly implemented, to review different provisions of law.
Safeguarding economic and legal rights of women is being equally focussed," said Rubina Qaimkhani, who also holds the portfolio of Social Welfare and Special Education.
The approach for this target population should take into account the evolution of the legal rights of women and the poor in their access to productive resources by promoting empowerment and promoting the rights of women, youth and the poor, through project components.
31 ( ANI ): United Progressive Alliance (UPA) chairperson Sonia Gandhi on Saturday said the 'Ahimsa Messenger' programme would spread awareness to the grassroots about the legal rights of women and children.
Since the mid-1980s, activists have been increasingly demanding both the legal recognition of Berber as an official language and the legal rights of women.
The Sunni section was issued in June 2009 and implemented in July the same year, but the legal rights of women are still limited due to the absence of the Jaffari section of the law.
Within this framework, efforts to promote the social, political and legal rights of women carry crucial importance, Kavaf underlined.
The writer, whose works are based largely on the difficulties of Moroccan society, stresses that the reforms made in recent years to improve the legal rights of women are "significant.
The program comes within a project to enhance the legal rights of women implemented by the society with a view to form a coalition for the rights of women in Jordan and activate the SIDAW agreement concerned with ending all forms of discrimination against women.
The legal rights of women, currently in limbo between civil and religious law, need reinforcement.