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Second, after the election reforms have been approved by two-thirds of the Legco members and the Chief Executive, the NPCSC has to approve any changes in the process of selecting the Chief Executive and record any changes in the process of electing the Legco members.
The September 7, 2008 Legislative Council (LegCo) elections were seen as generally free, open, and widely contested with a record number of candidates, both party-affiliated and independent.
The arrival of Chris Patten as the last governor in 1992 and his initiatives to open up the government saw those top civil servants occupying policy portfolios as "secretaries" increasingly behaving in much the same way as ministers in other governments: defending government policies and positions, lobbying legislators, and answering questions before Legco and its panels.
Jimmy McGregor served for years on Legco as the representative of the business community, until he was ousted for his votes in support of Governor Patten's democratic reforms "I can understand why individual businessman won't stand up and tell China that what they're doing is wrong," he says.
Nevertheless, the pro-Beijing LegCo President, Andrew Leung, declared her oath invalid and this was upheld by the courts
Legco increasing the size of the Election Committee (EC) for Chief
''We in Europe have been impressed by the efficient handling of elections to the LegCo (Legislative Council) last May.
After discussions at the Legislative Council and upon the Government's assurance of the addition of multilevel safeguards in the new smart ID card, LegCo approved a commitment in May 2015 to implement the current replacement exercise.
Executive and Legislative Council (Legco) elections to be held in 2012.
It hails the September 2000 elections to the Legislative Council (LegCo), saying they were conducted in a free and fair manner, and saw the number of directly-elected legislators rise from 20 to 24.