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Noun1.legendary creature - a monster that is unverifiable but popularly accepted as possibly factuallegendary creature - a monster that is unverifiable but popularly accepted as possibly factual
abominable snowman, yeti - a large hairy humanoid creature said to live in the Himalayas
doppelganger - a ghostly double of a living person that haunts its living counterpart
sea serpent - huge creature of the sea resembling a snake or dragon
mythical creature, mythical monster - a monster renowned in folklore and myth
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These range from animal and plant specimens to historic world maps and descriptions of legendary creatures. Visitors can also explore immersive digital exhibits spotlighting depictions of flora and fauna in classical artworks.
Darkest Depths will take guests on a ghostly voyage into pirate folklore and come face to face with legendary creatures of the deep.
One woman was terrified at seeing an eel-like beast with jaws like a shark RICHARD FREEMAN yesterday 30ft How long horse eels are said to be capable of growing to 60s Decade in which the hunt for these legendary creatures began in Ireland
These include griffins - legendary creatures with the body, tail and back legs of a lion but the head and wings of an eagle; also wyverns - a creature with dragons head and wings, two clawed legs, a reptile's body and a long tail often ending in a barbed tip.
Unfortunately, her stupid bickering family are also changed into various legendary creatures, such as Frankenstein's monster, and they're not best pleased.
At least two expeditions were mounted in the 1950s in search of the already legendary creatures, turning up footprints and hair specimens, with claims of sightings continuing throughout the second half of the century.
The third story arc centers on the longstanding brotherhood charged with defending the realm against the ancient threats of the fierce peoples and legendary creatures that lie far north, and an impending winter that threatens the realm.
There is already one event slated to happen this summer, so Trainers will finally find out if the Legendary creatures would be given to participants through promo codes by then.
Bane has set out to construct the most thorough and widespread encyclopedia and mythical and legendary creatures, drawing mainly from other collections, but also Internet resources.
The behaviour of these legendary creatures, which mainly resided in Asia, Europe and North Africa, resembled that of modern elephants.
Synopsis: Throughout our history, humans have been captivated by mythic beasts and legendary creatures. Tales of Bigfoot, the Yeti, and the Loch Ness monster are part of our collective experience.
He comes from an unseen world hidden within our own, inhabited by the Eldritche, legendary creatures who hide in plain sight.