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 (lē-vôr′nō) or Leg·horn (lĕg′hôrn′, -ərn)
A city of northwest Italy on the Ligurian Sea southeast of Genoa. A fortified town in the Middle Ages, Livorno was developed into a flourishing community by the Medici.


(Italian liˈvorno)
(Placename) a port in W central Italy, in Tuscany on the Ligurian Sea: shipyards; oil-refining. Pop: 156 274 (2001). English name: Leghorn


(lɪˈvɔr noʊ)

a seaport in W Italy on the Ligurian Sea. 173,114. English, Leghorn.
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Hardy and active Leghorns (pronounced "leggerns"), which originated near the city of Leghorn, Italy, are outstanding egg layers.
She met then-SSG Kennedy and John in 1979, while he was stationed at Camp Darby, Leghorn, Italy, and married in 1980.
The Yankees are great friends of mine." Commodore Jacob Jones invited him aboard the USS Constitution for an official visit as it lay in anchor off Leghorn, Italy, in 1822.