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A city of southwest Poland west of Wrocl̷aw. In a battle nearby (1241), an invading Mongol army defeated a coalition of European forces.


(Polish lɛɡˈnitsa)
(Placename) an industrial town in SW Poland. Pop: 105 025 (2007 est). German name: Liegnitz


(lɛgˈnit sə)

a city in SW Poland. 104,000.
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The subject of the order is successive and non-cash purchase of fuels (diesel oil, On, Unleaded petrol -pb 95) for pr vehicles in legnica, In accordance with the regulation of the minister of economy of 9.
Contract award notice: "thermomodernization of the sppp building in legnica as part of the project police theo may be an eco-increase in the energy efficiency of the lower silesian police - legnica.
Contract award notice: Delivery of linear accelerator to the department of radiotherapy lower silesian center of oncology in wroclaw, Branch of legnica, Ul.
Contract award notice: Unlimited tender - delivery of used medical equipment, Which is to be equipped with hemodynamics and electrophysiology laboratory at the voivodship specialist hospital in legnica.
Supply Associated With Package 1 Treatments Will Be Performed On The Equipment Owned By The Provincial Specialist Hospital In Legnica - Camera Multifiltrate Type Cf Prod.
Contract notice: "Performing services in the field of forest management in the forest district Legnica in the period 1.
Contract notice: Service comprehensive insurance legnica municipalities with subordinate units and institutions of culture.
Contract notice: Award of the Municipality of Legnica long-term bank loan in the amount
Contract notice: Delivery immunoglobulin normal and low molecular weight heparins in patients Provincial Hospital in Legnica.