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1. another word for technique
2. (Commerce) another word for technics
[C17: from Latin technicus, from Greek tekhnikos, from tekhnē art, skill]


(ˈtɛk nɪk or, for 1, tɛkˈnik)

2. a technicality.
3. technics, (used with a sing. or pl. v.) the study or science of an art, esp. any of the mechanical or industrial arts.
[1605–15; (n.) earlier technica < Greek techniká, neuter pl. of technikós of art and craft =téchn(ē) art, craft + -ikos -ic; (adj.) < Greek technikós]
technical, technic - Technical is based on technic, an adjective meaning "pertaining to art," from Greek tekhne, "art."
See also related terms for technical.
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Mack Trucks teamed up with Lego to develop a Lego Technic kit that can be used to build extremely detailed models of the new Mack Anthem or Mack LR front loader refuse model.
Growth was primarily driven by the performance of core themes including LEGO City, LEGO Ninjago, LEGO Friends, LEGO Technic, and LEGO Creator, with licensed offerings such as Star Wars a significant portion of the 335 new lines LEGO released in 2016.
The Volvo EW160E wheeled excavator has become the latest piece of construction machinery to undergo the LEGO Technic treatment, as the Danish toymaker has unveiled a 1:20 scale model with 1,166 individual elements and a built in pneumatic drive system.
October 2015), Isogawa shares hundreds of creative ways to build mechanisms with Power Functions, a wildly popular LEGO TECHNIC system of electronic components.
Asda are having a half-price sale and many of the items in their deal are already set to be big sellers this Christmas - including the Frozen 3D puzzleball and LEGO Technic Cherry Picker.
Lines such as LEGO Creator, LEGO City, LEGO Technic and LEGO Star Wars continue to deliver very strong global results.
Race them along the "Heritage Track" with the fastest Lego Technic of the session winning a prize.
Andreas Gruber of Mercedes-Benz Trucks said that their priority was to have people identify the Lego Technic Model as the Arocs 3245, including the small details.
Oh man, I would love a big box of Meccano or Lego Technic to play with.
This initial toy, designed to foster creativity and development in children was followed by a succession of similar products, such as the LEGOLAND theme park, LEGO DUPLO, LEGO Technic, LEGO Friends (for girls) and the Ninjago series.
Activities this week include Hands On Mondays, Lego Technic Tuesdays, Wheelie Lego Wednesdays and Auto Crafty ursdays.