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Simon, Simon Legree.
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Legree, who owns a cotton plantation on the Red river.
And where abortionists are regarded as no better than the ruthless slaveholder Simon Legree in "Uncle Tom's Cabin."
An image of total subservience, he refuses to defend himself or to escape after being heavily tortured on Legree's plantation.
Consider, for instance, Harriet Beecher Stowe's depiction of Uncle Tom's journey on "a wide forsaken road" to Simon Legree's plantation in deepest Louisiana.
(*) We acknowledge excellent research assistance by Wai Hong Choi, Scott Legree, and Andrew Alkhani.
When the ARG arrived in the AOR in early March, its commanding officer Captain Larry LeGree noted that the ARG is "flexible and capable for any mission that should come our way".
Moreover, Vojacek's "Kassy" is simply "an elderly housekeeper of Legree (Stowe, 1853d: 179);" the entire motif of her sexual abuse (and potentially Emmeline's) is omitted.
When he buys Tom, Legree also buys a beautiful young woman named Emmeline to be a concubine.
Command by Negation fosters initiative and innovation, particularly at the subordinate organizational level (LeGree, 2004).
Shamel Legree, 27, of 17 Hillside St., Worcester, charged with driving with a suspended license and having no inspection sticker on a vehicle, continued to May 28.
In other words, the "psychologically perverted" slaveholder--an early incarnation of whom is Harriet Beecher Stowe's Simon Legree, the brutal slaveholder of Uncle Tom's Cabin, who beats, underfeeds, and overworks his slaves--has no place on a profitable plantation, and since the preponderance of plantations were profitable, they argue that the vast majority of slaveholders exercised a certain restraint.
"The days of an employer being Simon Legree are gone," he said, referring to the cruel slave owner in "Uncle Tom's Cabin." "Our employees have a choice of where they work.