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Adj.1.Leibnitzian - of or relating to Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz or to his mathematics or philosophy
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One of the many metaphors they use to distinguish these two ways of thinking from each other is that of the nomad: the free wanderer that knows no bounds, is not contained by an interiority, and finds its identity in difference; versus the monad (a neat shift in consonants): a Leibnitzian term to describe an indivisible, indestructible unit.
Not only because it restores the rights of sensibility, the imagination, and the sign, but because attempts of the Leibnitzian type had opened a breach within logocentric security." Jacques Derrida, Of Grammatology, trans.
"The Leibnitzian optimism which Voltaire wrote his story to ridicule has the final word," McGregor argues.
And to say that must imply either a transcendent, Newtonian God of Nature or an immanent, Leibnitzian God in Nature (Heimann 1978).