Leif Ericson

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Leif Ericson

(ˈliːf ˈɛrɪksən)
(Biography) See Ericson


or Er•ics•son

(ˈɛr ɪk sən)

Leif, fl. A.D. c1000, Norse mariner (son of Eric the Red).
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From the landing of Leif Ericson to "year one of the Joey Smallwood calendar" and the entrance of Newfoundland into Confederation, the inclusion of events from over a millennia of Newfoundland history speaks to the novels immense historical scope.
Farther north, Cabot became the first European since Leif Ericson and the Vikings to land on North American soil when he embarked three voyages for England's Henry VII between the summers of 1496 and 1498.
At some indeterminate point, Owl's Head/Bliss Park shades into Leif Ericson Park, the existence of which testifies to the once-flourishing Norwegian community in Bay Ridge.
YOU could say that Eija Maki is a modern day version of famed Norse explorer Leif Ericson.
The saga of Prince Madog, the Welshman who discovered America before Leif Ericson or Columbus.
Each year, people dress in Nordic folk costumes and march in the Constitution Day Parade to Leif Ericson Park, where Miss Norway is crowned.
In fifteen compact chapters and 177 pages, professors Hullar and Nelson have covered the essentials of American history from Leif Ericson through the presidential campaign (but not the result) of 2000.
VIKING hero Leif Ericson couldn't have known what he started when he set sail across the Atlantic 500 years before Columbus.
In summer 1873, Anderson accompanied the famous violinist Ole Bull, who was then living in Madison, to Norway to raise money to build a statue of the Viking explorer Leif Ericson.
If we'd call it Amerigo Vespucci Day, Leif Ericson Day, or Native American Day, I might take the day off," Sheila said with a huff.
In the summer of 1001, a crew of thirty-five Vikings led by <IR> LEIF ERICSON </IR> set up a campsite in what is now Newfoundland.