Leif Ericson

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Leif Ericson

(ˈliːf ˈɛrɪksən)
(Biography) See Ericson
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or Er•ics•son

(ˈɛr ɪk sən)

Leif, fl. A.D. c1000, Norse mariner (son of Eric the Red).
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That distinction has been assigned to men like Norse Viking Leif Eriksson, who is believed to have landed in present-day Newfoundland almost five centuries before Columbus set sail, and others like Ireland's Saint Brendan or a number of Celtic people.
EXPLORE WITH MARCO POLO (9780778714266, $27.60 HC, $9.95 PB), SIEUR DE LA SALLE (9780778714309, $27.60 HC, $9.95 PB), FERDINAND MAGELLAN (9780778714255, $27.60 HC, $9.95 PB), LEIF ERIKSSON (9780778714279, $27.60 HC, $9.95 PB), JACQUES CARTIER (9780778714262, $27.60 HC, $9.95 PB) and PONCE DE LEON (9780778714293) each offer not just history, but interactive discussions about where the explorers went, why, and how.
The Vikings: Leif Eriksson, credited as the first European to land in America, also helped settle Greenland-back when it was greener.
It begins with the remarkable adventures of ancient explorers Pytheas and Leif Eriksson, and then looks at the fascinating exploits of medieval explorers like Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus and Magellan.
In Crystal Vision, the chapter "Leif Eriksson's [sic] Memorial" features a hilarious group disquisition on the matter of where these various parks start and end, Cheech, Richie, Irish Billy, Professor Kooba, and Big Mickey all weighing in on the matter.
History buffs have much to enjoy, obviously, with Viking tales - Leif Eriksson "discovered" America 500 years before 1492 - and countless bloody and entertaining Sagas.
2 ICELANDIC Viking Leif Eriksson was the first European to set foot on the American continent around the year 1000.
The book begins by examining the paths of early explorers from 2500BC onwards through to AD1000 when Leif Eriksson reached the American continent.
Other Oslo-based national icons include the colossal Gustav Vigeland Sculpture Park, which speaks of Norwegian artistic sensibilities in grand terms; VikingLandet (Viking land), which provides a window to what life was like in the days of Leif Eriksson; and the Edvard Munch Museum featuring varieties of the famed artwork, "The Scream."
Among them, according to the office of the Royal Norwegian Consulate General, are Rolf Stang's one-man Ibsen: The Quiet Eye of the Hurricane at Bay Ridge in Brooklyn's Leif Eriksson Park in May; David Greenwood's new version of Little Eyolf at Center for Remembering and Sharing through May 7; and Ibsen/Fosse 2006, a double bill, running August through September at 59E59 Theaters, of Ibsen's Rosmersholm and Jon Fosse's deathvariations.