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Noun1.Leigh Hunt - British writer who defended the Romanticism of Keats and Shelley (1784-1859)Leigh Hunt - British writer who defended the Romanticism of Keats and Shelley (1784-1859)
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I am glad to remember that at the same time I exulted in these ferocities I had mind enough and heart enough to find pleasure in the truer and finer work, the humaner work of other writers, like Hazlitt, and Leigh Hunt, and Lamb, which became known to me at a date I cannot exactly fix.
His body, cast on the shore, was burned in the presence of Byron and another radical, Leigh Hunt, and the ashes were buried in the Protestant cemetery just outside the wall of Rome, where Keats had been interred only a year earlier.
He now became an enthusiastic disciple of the literary and political radical, Leigh Hunt, in whose home at Hampstead he spent much time.
According to Leigh Hunt, CityFibre's manager for Coventry, the project aims to bring "reliable, high capacity, gigabit-capable broadband within reach of nearly every home and business in Coventry by 2022".
Leigh Hunt, CityFibre's city development manager for Coventry, said: "Coventry is among the first UK cities announced in our national rollout of full fibre broadband to five million UK homes and businesses.
Leigh Hunt, principal horticultural advisor at the Royal Horticultural Society, says: "Robust everyday shrubs are the humdrum wallpaper in the urban environment and it seems that in the case of some of the more well-known varieties, familiarity breeds contempt.
Leigh Hunt, principal horticultural advisor for the Royal Horticultural Society says: "It's fantastic after all this rain to get outside and see the bits of sunshine that are now coming.
Bennett has described "an international circle of British, Greek, and Italian friends." (5) In addition to the Shelleys, Byron, and Trelawny, this included, at various times, Claire Clairmont, Byron's Italian mistress Teresa Guiccioli, her father and brother (the Gambas), Percy Shelley's cousin Thomas Medwin, his friends Jane and Edward Williams, the Greek Alexandros Mavrocordatos, the improvvisatore Tommasso Sgricci, Lady Mountcashell (a disciple of Mary Wollstonecraft, Mountcashell's former governess), and just before Percy Shelley's death, Leigh Hunt and his family.
The 19th-century British poet James Leigh Hunt called fire "the most tangible of all visible mysteries," and you could see what he meant in the faces of the kids around that fire.
Leigh Hunt and What Is Poetry?; romanticism and the purpose of poetry.
He leaves his daughter Leigh Hunt Spielvogel and her husband Kevin P.