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A city of southwest Poland west of Wrocl̷aw. In a battle nearby (1241), an invading Mongol army defeated a coalition of European forces.


(Polish lɛɡˈnitsa)
(Placename) an industrial town in SW Poland. Pop: 105 025 (2007 est). German name: Liegnitz


(lɛgˈnit sə)

a city in SW Poland. 104,000.
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The editors of the Hammerschmidt edition, following Otto Kade, thought the piece might be linked to the Saxon victory at Leignitz in May 1634.
Leonhard von Liechtenstein requested yet a third appraisal of Glaidt's Sabbath book from Schwenkfeld's close associate, Valentin Krautwald in Leignitz. After Krautwald sent his negative appraisal (again, not preserved) to Nikolsburg, he received a substantial manuscript work in reply insisting on the necessity of Sabbath observance.
It also was dramatized: William von Gersdorf, Meg Merrilies, die Zigeunerin, oder Guy Mannering, der Sterndeuter (Leignitz, 1818); for which see Rainer Schuren, Die Romane Walter Scotts in Deutschland (Berlin, 1969) 126-27; and White, Scott's Novels on Stage 31, but as with the English stage productions, no reading of a will was included.