Leisure-time activities

Leisure-time activities 
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adults meet their recommended dose of physical activity as part of their leisure-time activities.
|default:svg width="23" height="23default:use xlink:efault:useefault:svdefault:svg width="22" height="22default:use xlink:efault:useefault:svA new cycle bridge is to be built over the Danube's old riverbed 30 km downstream from Bratislava, connecting the Slovak village of Dobrohos (Trnava region) with the Hungarian village of Dunakiliti, according to an inter-governmental agreement okayed by the Slovak Cabinet on February 14th.The bridge for pedestrians and cyclists will contribute towards the development of tourism and to free movement of people for the purposes of work or leisure-time activities and to the economic and social development of the cross-border localities concerned.
Remember this: A person can volunteer in areas that involve the elderly, youth groups, school reading programs and other, substance abuse, leisure-time activities, spiritual counseling, religious services, marriage and family issues, preparing and participating in mock job fairs, community projects, working with the homeless, food banks, churches, fund raisers, coaching, hidden talents to share, and more!
The researchers adjusted for other types of activity people did, from leisure-time activities to vigorous exercise, Health news reported.
The most effective media literacy programs also steer young people toward constructive and creative leisure-time activities, such as creating their own media.
The physical activity questionnaire included questions related to daily activities and leisure-time activities. The activity information was collected before the physical examination in the home using the Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) (interviewer administered) system [17].
The take-home message: If you have diabetes, reducing sedentary behavior and including more physical activity into your daily routine through exercise, yard work, or other leisure-time activities may help minimize your risk of diabetic retinopathy.
For this age group, leisure-time activities should be enjoyable and freely chosen, as found by Passmore and French (2003).
Investigators caution that more research is needed to explore connection between TV viewing and mortality and whether these same associations are found when we consider sitting in other contexts, such as driving, working, or doing other sedentary leisure-time activities. "Older adults watch the most TV of any demographic group in the US," concluded Dr.
Television, computers, video games and cell phones are now our leisure-time activities. The inactive lifestyles encouraged by our more efficient environments are primary contributors to the obesity crisis in our country.
His ideas, which are strongly grounded in conceptual literature, will help professionals encourage students to bridge the gap between formal instruction and leisure-time activities that students initiate themselves.