Leif Ericson

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Leif Ericson

(ˈliːf ˈɛrɪksən)
(Biography) See Ericson


or Er•ics•son

(ˈɛr ɪk sən)

Leif, fl. A.D. c1000, Norse mariner (son of Eric the Red).
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Well 34/6-4 was drilled by the Leiv Eriksson drilling facility.
They were to perform logistical services to support the fifth-generation semi-submersible drilling unit, Leiv Eriksson.
The vessels will be used by Petrobras Oil & Gas BV Turkey, a unit of Brazilian federal oil and gas giant Petroleo Brasileiro (SAO: PETR3), or Petrobras, for logistical services to support the semi-submersible rig Leiv Eriksson in the Black Sea.