n.1.A leman.
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30,31) Endoscopic activity grading schemes are also available: for example, Rutgeert score and Lemman score for CD and Mayo score and UC Endoscopic Index of Severity for UC.
I haue a Song suster fer beSondyn be se many be be drowryis bat che sente me che sente me be cherye withoutyn ony ston & so che dede [be] dowe withoutyn ony bon Sche sente me be brere withoutyn ony rynde Sche bad me loue my lemman withoute longgyng how xuld ony cherye be withoute ston & how xuld ony dowe ben withoute bon how xuld ony brere ben withoute rynde how xuld [I] loue myn lemman without longyng Quan be cherye was a flour: ban hadde it non ston quan be dowe was an ey: ban hadde it non bon Quan be brere was onbred: ban hadde it non rynd quan be maydyn haSt bat che louit: che is without longin[g] (1)
The Legislature is likely to revisit the issue, said Phil Lemman, a spokesman for the Judicial Department.
As dovis eie hir loke is swete Rose on thorne to hir vn-mete By-twene hem feire accord is non Then by-twene her kynne & my lemman (MS Fairfax 14)
La justificacion del analisis estructural se apoya en autores como Scott, Tarski, Schroeder-Heister y Dosen, Kraus, Lemman y Magidor, Gabbay y van Benthem.
sey hym, for loue of hys lemman (Yf sche be any gantyle woman, Courteys, fre other hender) That he come wyth me to juste, To kepe hys harneys from the ruste--And elles hys manhood schende.
Att skapa motsagelsefull litterar och konstnarliga verk i vetenskaplig dimension (med hjalp av vetenskapliga symboler, metasprak, matriser, teorem, lemman osv.
A lemman hadde this noble champioun, That highte Dianira, fresshe as May; And as thise clerkes maken mencioun, She hath hym sent a sherte, fresshe and gay.
Archer recovered from 5-2 down against English champion John Lemman to take a 14-12 lead.
heeld hire harde by the haunchebones," 3279) and his conventionally indirect, courtly mode of address ("'For deerne love of thee, lemman, I spille'," 3278) effectively turns courtly love into camp, highlighting at the same time the thoroughly stylized subject position that Nicholas occupies as male courtly lover.
Awaketh lemman myn and speketh to me" (3699-3700), he is echoing the Song of Songs, so the word also means "bride," adding both the religious appropriations of woman as the opposite of nature--spirit, the soul, the church--and more directly, the courtl appropriations of that sort of language to constitute woman as a secular cultural ideal.
Correction (published April 7, 2012): The Oregon Judicial Department spokesman is Phil Lemman.