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Noun1.Lemmus - lemmingsLemmus - lemmings        
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
Cricetidae, family Cricetidae - mostly small New World rodents including New World mice and lemmings and voles and hamsters
European lemming, Lemmus lemmus - notable for mass migrations even into the sea where many drown
brown lemming, Lemmus trimucronatus - of northwestern Canada and Alaska
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Listrophorus synaptomys, a new species from Synaptomys and Lemmus (Acarina: Listrophoridae).
Its diet is composed of lemmings, Lemmus trimucronatus and Dicrostonyx groenlandicus, and greater snow geese Chen caerulescens atlanticus, mostly eggs and goslings (Bety and Gauthier 2002, Careau et al.
and Myodes rutilus), and lemmings (Lemmus trimucronatus and Dicrostonyx groenlandicus) are also presumably present in the area (MacDonald and Cook 2009) and may represent important prey for Lynx in Katmai National Park during periods of low Snowshoe Hare abundance.
In the same region, diet analyses revealed that reindeer carrion was a key resource for red foxes during winters with low lemming (Lemmus lemmus) abundance in the tundra (Killengreen et al., 2011).
Reported food items include reindeer/caribou (Rangifer tarandus), moose (Alces alces), mountain goats (Oreamnos americanus), sheep (Ovis spp.), beaver (Castor spp.), marmots (Marmota spp.), ground squirrels (Spermophilus spp.), hares (Lepus spp.), voles (Microtus spp.), lemmings (Lemmus spp.), fox (Vulpes vulpes), birds, bird eggs, frogs, insect larvae, berries, and marine mammals (Rausch and Pearson, 1972; Magoun, 1987; Samelius et al., 2002; Copeland and Whitman, 2003; Lofroth et al., 2007).
Additionally, the pellets include many mammoth steppe environment rodents such as Lemmus lemmus, Dicrostonyx henseli, Microtus gregalis, or Allactaga saliens (cf.
They found that male brown lemmings (Lemmus sibiricus) much prefer the odour of virgin females to that of females that have just copulated.
Isolation and characterization of a hantavirus from Lemmus sibiricus: evidence for host switch during hantavirus evolution.