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Noun1.lemongrass oil - an aromatic oil that smells like lemon and is widely used in Asian cooking and in perfumes and medicines
oil - a slippery or viscous liquid or liquefiable substance not miscible with water
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Lemongrass oil is known to repel flies but peppermint oil diluted in a sprayer is an all-natural solution to deter wasps, RSVPLIVE reports.
The active ingredient in the product is Lemongrass Oil, which is about 0.6%.
I especially enjoyed "Obvious Solutions," In which Hank wrote about luring "wild" honeybees to his seven hives with lemongrass oil. I'm interested in trying that technique.
Phynne Barnett of Gold in Grass Corp., a company that produces and markets lemongrass oil products, told the Inquirer that it was the DTI which encouraged her company to tackle the local market.
[ClickPress, Mon Oct 01 2018] The Lemongrass oil is obtained by extraction of the stalks of the Lemongrass (Cymbopogon) herb.
Crispy wings, marinated in a barely detectable garlic and lemongrass oil, are less memorable than the zippy green dip that comes with them, with its sharp nip of chilli and coriander; pork kebabs are more flavoursome but a little gristly.
Rub the inside of the box with 1/10 ounce of propolis, and add 0.4 milliliter of lemongrass oil in a slow-release tube so the fragrance is released gradually and doesn't overwhelm the bees.
The program has motivated many enterprising women, who are now using the internet, to find new opportunities -- be it Vandana Potdar from Karandi, Pune who helped start a community owned Potato chips business or Shital from Sangli, Maharashtra, who helped her son prepare and clear the Science Olympiad exam, by finding study modules on the Internet or Padmavati who set-up an lemongrass oil production unit in Guntur and learnt the various manufacturing techniques using the internet, or hundreds and thousands of other women.
It is comprised of lemongrass oil, orange oil, grapefruit seed extract, citric acid, and a combination of octanediol and 1,3 propanediol.
Essential cooling oils also help cool and care for the scalp, such as lemongrass oil, coconut oil or tree tea oil.
With rising debts and few jobs available, residents began using locally sourced organic produce to make items they can sell, such as soap bars with honey extracts and mosquito repellents from lemongrass oil. Soon after wiping the excess oil off my back I am introduced to a woman who has the unenviable task of showing me how she uses paper to make decorative flags sold for use in people's homes during a celebration.
Thai Touch is a traditional Thai massage but this time, performed using copious amounts of lemongrass oil. The oil is otherwise optional.