Lena River

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Noun1.Lena River - a Russian river in Siberia; flows northward into the Laptev Sea
Siberia - a vast Asian region of Russia; famous for long cold winters
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He added that the Cambrian-age (around 520m years ago) marine carbonate rock samples used in this study were collected by Chinese and Russian scientists during a joint expedition in 2008 to the Lena river region of eastern Siberia.
(https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=13EWiNehbyJwJQfk_cyfkSIHeAzk&hl=en_US&ll=62.0153261098944%2C129.74039240620425&z=12) Yakutsk, the city in Russia along the Lena River, is currently going through quite the cold snap.
(2005), who examined the spatial variability of water temperature over the Lena River basin in Siberia, found water temperature at the outlet of the Lena River to be several degrees cooler than in the upstream sub-basins (Liu et al, 2005).
to purchase 100% of the ownership interests in the entity that owns and operates the Lena River, a 2013 built 155,000 cubic meter ice class liquefied natural gas carrier, and the related time charter contract with Gazprom Global LNG Ltd.
Summary: The construction of a bridge across the Lena River in Yakutia is to be discussed in Vladivostok on September 17
It describes Arctic pastoralism and microadaptation; the history and culture of the Sakha people, as well as the natural environment of the Lena River middle basin; the traits of the hunting and fishing complex; grass cutting and cattle breeding, including how Russian private ownership systems impacted cultural practices; horse breeding and the practice of year-long grazing and the production and consumption of foal meat; how marketization has impacted cattle and horse breeding and the significance of the new social system these market forces created; and how microadaptation under post-socialist conditions relates to the microadaptation of Arctic pastoralism.
In the course of research ecological profile across Lena River has been set.
Mercury concentrations from fish in the Mezen River were lower than 10 locations, but higher than eight in North America, while mercury levels in burbot in the Lena River were among the lowest.
The Russian infrastructure market was flat in 2012 at R655b ($21b) due to delays awarding several large-scale contracts, including a bridge over the Lena river, worth R50b, for which Mostotrest plans to bid.