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(German ˈrɛmʃait)
(Placename) an industrial city in W Germany, in North Rhine-Westphalia. Pop: 117 717 (2003 est)


(ˈrɛm ʃaɪt)

a city in North Rhine-Westphalia, in W Germany, in the Ruhr region. 123,069.
References in classic literature ?
17) Van Lennep explains that Hecate, having no brothers to support her claim, might have been slighted.
The company will be featuring two new projects at the event, the Porsche 911 RSR at Targa Florio in 1973 with Van Lennep and the McLaren M23 with James Hunt at the Japanese Grand Prix in 1976.
a) Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen (born March 27, 1845, Lennep, Prussia--died February 10, 1923, Munich, Germany): b) Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen: Uber eine neue Art von Strahlen.
Beaumont 1946-1976 Madeleine Hom-Monval 1949-1974 William Van Lennep 1949-1962 E.
Holle was the first to use the term nipah in 1862 (NBG 1, 1862-1863:14; Van Lennep 1969:16).
9) Henry Van Lennep, Travels in Little Known Parts of Asia Minor, (London: John Murray, 1870), 285.
Entre las muy numerosas aportaciones dedicadas a dicha pieza recojo algunas: Myres (1917); Lesky (1925); Sechan (1927); Drew (1931); Momigliano (1931); Valgimigli (1932-33); Megas (1933); Doerrie (1939); Meautis (1945); Cremaschi (1946); Jones (1948); Smith (1960); Albini (1961); Garzya (1961); Torraca (1963); van Lennep (1967); Paduano (1968); Wilson (1968); Golden (1970-71); Erbse (1972); Rivier (1972, 1973); Gross (1974); Nielsen (1976); Bell (1980); Seeck (1993); Luschnig (1995); Fernandez-Galiano (1997); Padilla (2000); Brillante (2005); Susanetti (2005); Pace (2006); Slater (2013).
Dehnert C Grunig E Mereles D Von Lennep N Bartsch P.
Lauren Day Smith and Brandon Wayne Lennep were united in marriage at six o'clock in the evening on April 20, 2013, at Plantation Commons in Madison.
Wayne Lennep, a volunteer with the Mississippi Coast Guard Honor Flight group, said the trip had been planned for months for a group of 91 veterans as well as family members and escorts.
A late-18th-century transitional commode, bought most probably by David van Lennep for his country house of Huis te Manpad, Heemstede, through the Amsterdam dealer Pieter Uylenburg, is exemplary of the way Parisian furniture was esteemed.