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These two great divisions consisted, on the one side, of the Five, or, as they were afterward called, the Six Nations, and their allies; and, on the other, of the Lenni Lenape, or Delawares, with the numerous and powerful tribes that owned that nation as their grandfather The former was generally called, by the Anglo-Americans Iroquois, or the Six Nations, and sometimes Mingoes.
Of the Lenni Lenape, or as they were called by the whites, from the circumstances of their holding their great council-fire on the banks of that river, the Delaware nation, the principal tribes, besides that which bore the generic name, were the Mahicanni, Mohicans, or Mohegans, and the Nanticokes, or Nentigoes.
When the Lenni Lenape formally asserted their independence, and fearlessly declared that they were again men.
A brief history of Olden Farm, the site of the Princeton computer, begins with the Lenni Lenape Indians and carries on through William Penn, George Washington and so forth.
Part of the "Tales of the World" series, The People of Twelve Thousand Winters is a children's picturebook in which award-winning author Trinka Hakes Noble portrays the life of a Native American boy growing up among his people, the Lenni Lenape, as they once lived before the arrival of European settlers who would eventually name the land "New Jersey".
And I managed a bit of breakthrough in 1995, when I ended as the meeting's leading rider, with five winners, two of them ( Banariya and Vivo) for my boss at the time John Oxx, plus Magical Fun for John Hayden, Edward O'Grady's Lenni Lenape and Chuffed, which won the two-year-old auction maiden for Willie Mullins.
The Lenni Lenape (First or True people) or the Delaware were the original inhabitants of northeastern United States.
Real estate and business swindlers have seen New York as fertile ground ever since the Dutch governor Peter Minuit picked up the island of Manhattan from the Lenni Lenape tribe for 60 guilders.
hawken from the Lenni Lenape meaning to clear one's throat
The necklace designs were based on American Indian jewelry as a tribute to the Lenni Lenape Indians who once lived in the area of Philadelphia where Yager has her studio (Rosolowski, 2001).
Wynne went on to become the first speaker of the Provisional Assembly, a provincial judge and was instrumental in agreeing treaties with the local Indian tribe, Lenni Lenape.
Waddilove, 29, is an Anishnabe (Ojibway) and Lenni Lenape (Delaware) lawyer who has worked with a number of legal and political organizations including the RCMP, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, Environment Canada, the London Police Service and the Parliament of Canada.