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 (lĕn′tō) Music
adv. & adj.
In a slow tempo. Used chiefly as a direction.
n. pl. len·tos
A lento passage or movement.

[Italian, from Latin lentus, slow.]
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(ˈlɛntəʊ) music
adj, adv
(Classical Music) to be performed slowly
n, pl -tos
(Classical Music) a movement or passage performed in this way
[C18: Italian, from Latin lentus slow]
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(ˈlɛn toʊ)
Music. adj.
1. slow.
2. slowly.
[1715–25; < Italian < Latin lentus slow]
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slower than adagio
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Adj.1.lento - (of tempo) slow
slow - at a slow tempo; "the band played a slow waltz"
Adv.1.lento - in music; "Play this lento, please"
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