Lentinus edodes

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Noun1.Lentinus edodes - edible east Asian mushroom having a golden or dark brown to blackish cap and an inedible stipe
fungus - an organism of the kingdom Fungi lacking chlorophyll and feeding on organic matter; ranging from unicellular or multicellular organisms to spore-bearing syncytia
genus Lentinus, Lentinus - a genus of fungus belonging to the family Tricholomataceae
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A polysaccharide extracted from rice bran fermented with Lentinus edodes enhances natural killer cell activity and exhibits anticancer effects.
Beta-glucans, differing in molecular weight, have been isolated from many diverse species like Rhynchelytrum repens, Lentinus edodes, Grifola frondosa, Tremella mesenterica, Tremella aurantia, Zea mays, Agaricus blazei (mushroom), Phellinus buammi, and Saccharomyces cerevisiae (yeast) (Rahar et al.
Wu XJ and C Hansen Antioxidant capacity, phenolic content, polysaccharide content of Lentinus edodes grown in whey permeate-based submerged culture.
Health benefits, including the lowering of plasma total cholesterol levels, have been demonstrated with Agaricus blazei, Grifola frondosa, Lentinus edodes, and Flammulina Velutipes [10].
Antiviral and interferon-inducing activities of a new peptidomannan, KS-2, extracted from culture mycelia of Lentinus edodes.
Hiromoto (1991) filed a patent for grain-based substrate for the production of Lentinus edodes and extended this to other mushroom producing species.
Metabolic Cell-Support[TM] is composed of three medicinal mushrooms, Ganaderma Lucidum, Lentinus edodes (mycelia) and Coriolus versicolor; a herb, Astragalus membranaceus (from the root) and vitamin C.
Fermiskin INCI name: water (and) lentinus edodes extract Suggested use level: 1-5% Applications: firming agent for the body and bust Comments: Rich in oligosaccharides and galacturonic acids extracted from shiitake, Fermiskin is a genuine anti-MMPs counter-offensive agent, maintains the integrity of support tissues and combats accelerated aging of the skin.