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n. pl. len·ti·vi·rus·es
Any of a group of retroviruses of the genus Lentivirus that cause diseases with a long latent period and a slow, progressive course. HIV is a lentivirus.

[New Latin Lentivīrus, genus name : Latin lentus, slow + virus.]


(Microbiology) any of a group of slowly acting viruses that includes the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), which causes AIDS
[C20: from Latin lentus slow + virus]


(ˈlɛn təˌvaɪ rəs)

n., pl. -rus•es.
any slow virus of the genus Lentivirus, of the retrovirus family, causing brain disease in sheep and other animals.
[1980–85; lenti (cular) + virus]
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Research presented today shows the continued promise of lentiviral gene therapy, an approach in which healthy genetic material is delivered to a cell via a non-communicable virus.
Here we aim to generate a novel lentiviral dual-gRNA expression system that enables large scale functional enhancer screening.
Discover Theravectys cutting-edge technology in “Our Science” and navigate through the many sections such as “Technology” where you will learn everything about lentiviral vectors and their mode of action, “Manufacturing” will take you through the process development of new vaccine candidates for clinical trials.
Addition of lentiviral gene delivery capabilities complements strategic partnering portfolio.
Then, taking the purified DNA plasmids, they were transfected into human cells through lentiviral packaging to create lentivirus.
They then incubated sperm with "pseudotyped lentiviral vectors" - which can be used to alter virus particles as they do not carry the genetic material needed to produce additional viral proteins.
In HaCaT human keratinocyte cells, selective knockdown (KD) of NRF2 by lentiviral short hairpin RNAs (shRNAs) significantly reduced the expression of many antioxidant enzymes and sensitized the cells to acute cytotoxiciry of inorganic arsenite ([iAs.
The technique is called gamete-targeted lentiviral transgenesis-essentially, inserting genes into feline oocytes (eggs) before sperm fertilization.
Subjects addressed include: the rat as a model in biomedical research, genetic mapping and positional cloning, procedures for somatic cell transfer, the use of lentiviral vectors to obtain transgenic rats, generation of gene-specific mutated rats using zing-finger nucleases, and rat genomics as applied to psychiatric research.
Lasek and colleagues (2007) used such a lentiviral vector (2) to knock-down the expression of the [mu]-opioid receptor (MOR) in a brain region called the ventral tegmental area (VTA).
San Francisco, CA) and GBP IP, LLC (Greenwich, CT), an affiliate of GBP Capital, the majority shareholder in privately held Lentigen Corporation, have entered into an asset sale agreement relating to Cell Genesys' lentiviral gene delivery technology, commonly referred to as lentiviral vectors.
therapies for HIV and genetic disorders using a lentiviral vector delivery