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another word for lenticular1


(ˈlɛn tɔɪd)

1. having the shape of a biconvex lens.
2. a lentoid body.
[1875–80; < Latin lent-, s. of lēns lentil (see lens)]
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Lentoid, in a fetor, with gin dim, for ajar of midnight I wrote fan "Idiot Nel" a line--so
7 AO Essilor Hoya SOLA Shamir Rodenstock Lentoid Norville Signet Armolite 2012 1.
A sword pyramid, left, a lentoid being cleaned, centre, and, right, metal detectorist Terry Herbert, who discovered the hoard near Lichfield A hawthorn brush is used to extract dirt from silver edging, left, while other pieces are viewed, including a millifiori stud which fits together perfectly and a face discovered on a sword pommel Graeme McArthur views items while hawthorn clippings await use as the perfect cleaning tool Deborah Cane, Collections Care Officer, with the famous folded cross
The face, with its large lentoid eyes and straight nose, is simplified because any intricacies in the mould would make it difficult to remove the vessel.
A reputed amber bead necklace consisting of around 60 short biconvex to lentoid beads and various other putative amber objects from the tomb of Tutankhamun (Hood 1993), roughly contemporary with the latest phase of use of the Royal Tomb at Qatna, may hint at the high prestige value that was attributed to the material in Egypt at this time.