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n.1.People; a nation; a man.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Maxwell M'Leod, he knows where they come from, and where they go to.
M'Leod talked to me of the assembling, preparation, and sale of the rarer furs; and told me things about the manufacture of fur-lined coats which quite shocked me.
M'Leod. "My good lady's sitting under the tree, and that's my little girl in pink on the far court.
M'Leod, while tall menservants and maidservants took away the tennis and tea things.
M'Leod to his wife; and to me: "You feel all right now, ain't it?
That is the other thing!" said Miss M'Leod. Her mother groaned.
Meantime I rolled bread pills and remembered my sins; M'Leod considered his own reflection in a spoon; his wife seemed to be praying, and the girl fidgetted desperately with hands and feet, till the darkness passed on--as though the malignant rays of a burning-glass had been shifted from us."
The young man who knew all about South American railways took Miss M'Leod for a walk in the afternoon, and at five M'Leod thoughtfully whirled us all up to dine in town.
"Now, don't say you will tell the Psychological Society, and that you will come again," said Miss M'Leod, as we parted.
Baxter--the solicitor who had sold Holmescroft to M'Leod. I explained I had some notion of buying the place.
M'Leod's fancy--his wife's rather, I believe; and since we could meet it--it was my duty to my clients at whatever cost to my own feelings--to make him pay."
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