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1. A historical region and former kingdom of northwest Spain. United first with Asturias (eighth-ninth century), it was conquered by Castile in 1037, became independent in 1157, and was rejoined with Castile in 1230.
2. A city of central Mexico east-northeast of Guadalajara. It was founded in the 1570s and today is a commercial and industrial center in a rich mining area.
3. A city of northwest Spain at the foot of the Cantabrian Mountains south-southeast of Oviedo. The capital of the medieval kingdom of León, it is now a popular tourist center.


(Spanish leˈɔn)
1. (Placename) a region and former kingdom of NW Spain, which united with Castile in 1230
2. (Placename) a city of NW Spain: capital of the kingdom of León (10th century). Pop: 135 634 (2003 est)
3. (Placename) a city in central Mexico, in W Guanajuato state: commercial centre of a rich agricultural region. Pop: 1 438 000 (2005 est). Official name: León de los Aldamas
4. (Placename) a city in W Nicaragua: one of the oldest towns of Central America, founded in 1524; capital of Nicaragua until 1855; university (1812). Pop: 168 000 (2005 est)



1. a province in NW Spain: formerly a kingdom. 598,721; 5936 sq. mi. (15,375 sq. km).
2. the capital of this province. 137,414.
3. a city in W Guanajuato, in central Mexico. 758,279.
4. a city in W Nicaragua: the former capital. 171,375.
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Noun1.Leon - a historical area and former kingdom in northwestern SpainLeon - a historical area and former kingdom in northwestern Spain
2.Leon - a city in northwestern Spain at the foot of the Cantabrian Mountains
Espana, Kingdom of Spain, Spain - a parliamentary monarchy in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula; a former colonial power
3.Leon - a city in central Mexico
Mexico, United Mexican States - a republic in southern North America; became independent from Spain in 1810


[ˈliːɒn] NLeón m
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