Leonard Bernstein

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Noun1.Leonard Bernstein - United States conductor and composer (1918-1990)
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The idea of a musical which would eventually be the blockbuster 'West Side Story' had been percolating in the mind of composer Leonard Bernstein (1918-1990) for some time.
1990: Five days after announcing his retirement through ill health, conductor Leonard Bernstein died.
Writing of Leonard Bernstein in 2009, Nadine Hubbs described "the difficulties of placing him in relation to the categories by which musicological discourse proceeds" (Nadine Hubbs, 'Bernstein, Homophobia, Historiography', Women in Music 13 [2009]: 24).
In The Studio downstairs, a multimedia video of Leonard Bernstein and Marin Alsop will screen - with a cash bar.
Twenty-five years ago American music lost two of its most renowned figures: Aaron Copland (1900-1990) and his protege of sorts, Leonard Bernstein (1918-90).
Leonard Bernstein Music Publishing and Boosey & Hawkes, distributed by Hal Leonard; halleonard.
Dinner with Lenny: The Last Long Interview with Leonard Bernstein.
Leonard Bernstein was a passionate musician, composer, and conductor who was determined to allow the message of great music be accessed by a wide, freely flowing audience.
Kultur International Films released Volume 2 of the New York Philharmonic's Young People's Concerts with Leonard Bernstein on November 19, 2013, featuring 27 digitally restored videos of the landmark televised concerts on nine DVDs.
BORN ROGER Moore, film actor, 1927 CLIFF Richard, singer, 1940, above USHER, US rap singer, 1978 DIED BING Crosby, actor/ singer, 1977, above ERROL Flynn, film actor, 1955 LEONARD Bernstein, songwriter, 1990
Leonard Bernstein and American Music is the biography of the man who is referred to as the modern face of classical music.