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n. pl. Le·o·nids or Le·on·i·des (lē-ŏn′ĭ-dēz′)
One of the meteors in the showers of meteors that appear to originate in the vicinity of the constellation Leo and recurring annually in mid-November.

[From Latin Leō, Leōn-, Leo; see Leo.]
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n, pl Leonids or Leonides (lɪˈɒnɪˌdiːz)
(Astronomy) any member of a meteor shower that is usually insignificant, but more spectacular every 33 years, and occurs annually in mid-November, appearing to radiate from a point in the constellation Leo
[C19: from New Latin Leōnidēs, from leō lion]
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(ˈli ə nɪd)

n., pl. Le•o•nids, Le•on•i•des (liˈɒn ɪˌdiz)
any of a shower of meteors occurring around November 15 and appearing to radiate from a point in the constellation Leo.
[1875–80; < New Latin Leonidēs= Latin Leōn-, s. of Leō Leo1 + -idēs -id1]
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