Leonid Brezhnev

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Noun1.Leonid Brezhnev - Soviet statesman who became president of the Soviet Union (1906-1982)
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"Actor Gerard Depardieu plays Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev in a film about the events in Prague in the spring of 1968", the film's producer, APA reports citing VAAJU.
Petersburg, Russia, through the memories and experiences of people she met there, a generation of people who new the city as children during the Siege or were teenagers when Joseph Stalin died in 1953, those who experienced hopes under Nikita Khrushchev as adults, the disillusionment under Leonid Brezhnev, and the changes of the 1990s.
40 YEARS AGO (1979) US President Jimmy Carter and Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev signed the nations' first armsreduction treaty, limiting both sides to 2,400 missile launchers.
Also on sale are photos of Lord Wilson with former Soviet Union leader Leonid Brezhnev and celebrities such as Bruce Forsyth, Penelope Keith and Morecambe and Wise.
Federal'noe arkhivnoe agenstvo, Arkhiv Prezidenta Rossiiskoi Federatsii, Rossiiskii gosudarstvennyi arkhiv noveishei istorii, and Germanskii istoricheskii institut v Moskve, eds., Leonid Brezhnev: Rabochie i dnevnikovye zapisi (Leonid Brezhnev: Work Memos and Daily Notes), 3 vols.
A 1.3km-long stretch of the Berlin Wall that is still standing, it features the famous painting of a "brotherly kiss" between East German president Erich Honecker and Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev and is also covered in murals, artwork and graffiti.
Leonid Brezhnev was general secretary of the central committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union for 18 years.
1986: New Russian president Mikhail Gorbachev blamed predecessor Leonid Brezhnev for years of stagnation and vowed to implement radical reforms.
Big at the box office: Star Trek: Insurrection 1989 PM Margaret Thatcher joins several other world leaders near Lockerbie to remember those killed in the Pan-Am bombing, US F-14s shoot down two Libyan fighter jets over the Mediterranean, Yuri Churbanov, son-in-law of former Soviet premier Leonid Brezhnev, is sent to jail for 12 years on bribery charges, and the Canadian senate approves a freetrade pact with the USA.
The lid over this seemingly innocuous idea was blown in June 1969 by Soviet president Leonid Brezhnev when he publicly proposed 'a system of collective security in Asia'.
1906: Leonid Brezhnev, Soviet president 1977-1982, was born in the Ukraine.
1982: Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev died of a heart attack, aged 75.