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 (lē-ôn′tyĕf, -ŏn′-), Wassily 1905-1999.
German-born American economist. He won a 1973 Nobel Prize for devising the input-output technique of economic analysis.
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(liˈɒn tiˌɛf, -əf)

Wassily, 1906–99, U.S. economist, born in Russia: Nobel prize 1973.
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Noun1.Leontief - United States economist (born in Russia) who devised an input-output method of economic analysis (1906-1999)
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A special case of production function implying zero substitutability between inputs is the Leontief technology [18, p.
Wasily Leontief, the 1973 Noble prize winner in economics, wrote an article in 1982 expressing fear of high unemployment due to technological advances.
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John Maynard Keynes offered one; Wassily Leontief provided another.
Using Wassily Leontief's (1977) World Input-Output Model, the income generated by each of hundreds of global value chains can be broken down by industry, country, and capital and labour inputs.
Friedman 1948; Leontief 1971; Worswick 1972; Lucas 1976; Summers 1991; Keuzenkamp 1995; Solow 2010).
Decades ago, renowned economists John Maynard Keynes and Wassily Leontief foretold a time when artificial intelligence would produce "technological unemployment." In their view, labor would become less important and workers would be replaced by machines.
John Maynard Keynes warned in 1929 of coming "technological unemployment" and Wassily Leontief predicted several decades later that "labor will become less and less important." In recent years, a range of studies has estimated that nearly half of all U.S.