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Noun1.Lepadidae - goose barnaclesLepadidae - goose barnacles      
arthropod family - any of the arthropods
genus Lepas, Lepas - type genus of the family Lepadidae
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Cirripeds of the family Lepadidae were found in a specimen caught around Desventuradas islands (Baez & Ruiz, 1985).
The buoy barnacle Dosima fascicularis (Ellis and Solander, 1786) of the family Lepadidae is unique among the Cirripe-dia (Thoracica) in producing a bulge of foam-like cement around the basal part of the peduncle by which it attaches to any floating substrata it encounters.
Both species belong to the family Lepadidae, whose members are early diverging barnacles considered to have retained ancestral features (Newman, 1982, 1987; Walker, 1992; Kugele and Yule, 2000).