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Noun1.Lepidodendrales - fossil arborescent plants arising during the early Devonian and conspicuous throughout the Carboniferous
plant order - the order of plants
class Lycopodiate, class Lycopsida, Lycopodiate, Lycopsida - club mosses and related forms: includes Lycopodiales; Isoetales; Selaginellales; and extinct Lepidodendrales; sometimes considered a subdivision of Tracheophyta
family Lepidodendraceae, Lepidodendraceae - fossil plants characterized by conspicuous spirally arranged leaf scars on the trunk
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In another example, it is postulated that the fossil Chaloneria (Isoetales) evolved from its putative ancestor Sigillaria (Lepidodendrales) by neoteny and progenesis (Bateman, 1994).
In Isoetes, the earliest aquatic CAM plants, the view that they represent recent herbaceous descendants of a long linear reduction sequence from the arborescent Lepidodendrales (Stewart, 1983), could be interpreted as suggesting a terrestrial or at least emergent-aquatic origin for the group.