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Noun1.Lepidosauria - diapsid reptiles: lizards; snakes; tuataras
class Reptilia, Reptilia - class of cold-blooded air-breathing vertebrates with completely ossified skeleton and a body usually covered with scales or horny plates; once the dominant land animals
order Rhynchocephalia, Rhynchocephalia - tuataras; extinct forms from middle Triassic
order Squamata, Squamata - diapsid reptiles: snakes and lizards
class - (biology) a taxonomic group containing one or more orders
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The Lano assemblage is composed of nearly 40 vertebrate species (i.e., actinopterygians, lissamphibians, lepidosaurs, turtles, crocodyliforms, dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and mammals), making it one of the most diverse associations hitherto known for this age in Europe (see Csiki-Sava et al., 2015).
By showing that turtles are closely related to crocodiles and birds (Archosaurs) than lizards, snakes and tuatara (Lepidosaurs), the study by a team of Boston University researchers has challenged previous anatomical and Paleontological assessments.
3C, Gatesy 1990, 1994); lepidosaurs are thought to employ this muscle as well (Snyder 1954; Russell and Bauer 1992).