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Noun1.Leporidae - hares and rabbitsLeporidae - hares and rabbits      
mammal family - a family of mammals
Lagomorpha, order Lagomorpha - rabbits; hares; pikas; formerly considered the suborder Duplicidentata of the order Rodentia
leporid, leporid mammal - rabbits and hares
genus Oryctolagus, Oryctolagus - Old World rabbits
genus Sylvilagus, Sylvilagus - North American rabbits
genus Lepus, Lepus - type genus of the Leporidae: hares
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In sum, the scarcity of medium-sized mammals in this level -either presumably hunted (swine) or domesticated (sheep/goat)- is very suggestive of a twofold aspect: a hiatus in the human occupation during which only naturally deposited animal remains occurred, and the logical inference that the Leporids found at Penedo dos Mouros were not hunted.
Is size of fecal pellets a reliable indicator of species of leporids in the Southern Rocky Mountains?--J.
In a letter dated August 9, Major General RM Kharb of AWBI has informed FSSAI that ' Leporids' ( rabbits and hare) are, in fact, protected under the Wildlife ( Protection) Act, 1972.
2003), or size increase to gigantism of smaller mammals (mainly rodents and leporids) like e.g.
Although leporids and sciurids predominate in the nesting diets of Golden Eagles throughout North America (Kochert and others 2002), our analysis shows that some eagle pairs in Washington are able to persist on diets predominated by other prey.
Further, hunting dogs have more access to infected carcass and the wild intermediate host in the bush [27], because apart from reports of infection in domestic ungulates, there have also been reports in wild ungulates, particularly bovids, as well as primates, leporids, and macropod marsupials [28, 29].
Taxa identified from fecal samples were grouped into five categories: mule deer, bighorn sheep, leporids, livestock and pets, and small animals or other materials.
To infer paleovegetation patterns, this study uses [[delta].sup.13]C of bone collagen from leporids, specifically Lepus calif brnicus (black-tailed jackrabbit) and Sylvilagus sp.