Leptis Magna

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Lep·tis Mag·na

 (lĕp′tĭs măg′nə)
An ancient city of northern Africa in present-day Libya east of Tripoli. Founded by Phoenicians, it flourished as a port during Roman times and is today noted for its impressive ruins.
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Start at The Savill Garden and you will experience the impressive heights of the Cascade to the ancient Leptis Magna ruins, as you walk to and around Virginia Water.
RIYADH: "Age-Old Cities," an exhibition that opened in Riyadh last month, uses virtual reality to allow visitors to access four significant heritage sites in the Arab world that were once vibrant and beautiful, but are now destroyed -- or seriously threatened: Mosul in Iraq; Aleppo and Palmyra in Syria; and Leptis Magna in Libya.
Chaque envahisseur tentait d'imposer sa langue, son systeme politique ou sa religion et certains ont pu arracher cette langue surtout dans les villes anciennes comme a Tripoli et Leptis Magna en Libye, a Carthage et Kairouan en Tunisie, Constantine et Mostaganem en Algerie, a Lixus et Volubilis au Maroc ...etc.
Others include include the ruins of the Roman city of Leptis Magna, and Sabratha, both in western Libya.
Taking down the route of technology, 3D and Augmented Reality, the exhibition features various Unesco-listed World Heritage sites, including Temple of Zeus in Agrigento and Pompeii, located in Italy; Al Zubarah, Qatar; Volubilis, Morocco; El Jem, Tunisia; Djemila, Algeria; Krak des Chevaliers, Syria; Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, Palestine; Baalbek, Lebanon; Hagia Sophia, Turkey; Petra, Jordon; Leptis Magna, Libya; and Phile, Egypt among others.
The sites include the ruins of the Roman city of Leptis Magna and Sabratha, which is famous for its amphitheatre.
As I bank over the extraordinary ruins of Leptis Magna, I am reminded that this was once a cultural and commercial jewel of the Mediterranean world.
They include: Cyrene, a Greek colony founded in 631 B.C.; Leptis Magna, the Roman seat of power in North Africa; Tadrart Acacus, with prehistoric rock art sites dating from 12,000 B.C.
He said the group's host had been a member of the Arab Socialist Union called Mabrouk Dredi, who had been assigned to escort them, showed them round and took them to tourist sites like the ruined Roman city Leptis Magna and meet government figures: "We were in a big sports stadium between Tripoli and Benghazi, and waited quite a long time for Gaddafi to arrive.
Les sites inscrits sur la liste du patrimoine mondial en peril sont Cyrene, Leptis Magna, le site archeologique de Sabratha, les sites rupestres de Tadrart Acacus et l'ancienne ville de Ghadames, a precise l'agence onusienne sur son site internet.
PNOY IN ITALY - President Aquino delivers his speech during a meeting with the Filipino community in Rome at the Leptis Magna I and II function rooms of the Ergife Palace Hotel as part of his official visit to Italy December 3.
Historical landmarks will include replicas of Abu Simbel temple and pyramids -- Egypt, Timgad -- Morocco, Great Wall of China, Leptis Magna -- Libya, Kingdom of Kerma -- Sudan, Aztec Temple -- Mexico, Roman Colosseum -- Rome, Acropolis of Athens -- Greece, Stonehenge -- England and Petra -- Jordan.