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Noun1.Leptodactylus - type genus of the Leptodactylidae; in some classifications placed in the family Bufonidae
amphibian genus - any genus of amphibians
family Leptodactylidae, Leptodactylidae - New World frogs; in some classifications essentially coextensive with the family Bufonidae
crapaud, Leptodactylus pentadactylus, South American bullfrog - large toothed frog of South America and Central America resembling the bullfrog
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Geographic variation in anuran calls was also reported in Leptodactylus fuscus (Heyer and Reid, 2003), Colostethus palmatus (Bernal et al., 2005), and Dendropsophus cruzi (Tessarolo et al., 2016).
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Affonso & Signorelli (2011) reported predation by the trichodactylid freshwater crab Dilocarcinus pagei on the frog Leptodactylus latrans (Steffen, 1815) in Brazil, where they observed an adult crab feeding on it, and found the mutilated remains of other frogs nearby.
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De las muestras colectadas en la selva alta perennifolia (SAP) del sureste de Mexico, cinco de 16 muestras fueron positivas (31.25% de prevalencia), incluyendo anuros fosoriales (Leptodactylus fragilis, n = 8) y anuros de sotobosque (Smilisca baudinii, n = 7); estos registros de Bd fueron los primeros reportados a Tabasco y a la region de la Peninsula de Yucatan.
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