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Any of a class of six elementary fermions, two in each of the three generations of fundamental fermions (one negatively charged and one neutral), and including the electron, electron neutrino, muon, muon neutrino, tauon, and tauon neutrino, together with their associated antiparticles, the antileptons. Leptons participate in weak interactions, but not strong interactions, and have masses generally less than those of mesons and baryons.

[lepto- + -on.]

lep·ton′ic (-tŏn′ĭk) adj.


n, pl -ta (-tə)
1. (Currencies) a former Greek monetary unit worth one hundredth of a drachma
2. (Currencies) a small coin of ancient Greece
[from Greek lepton (nomisma) small (coin)]


(Atomic Physics) physics any of a group of elementary particles and their antiparticles, such as an electron, muon, or neutrino, that participate in electromagnetic and weak interactions and have a half-integral spin
[C20: from lepto- + -on]
lepˈtonic adj


(ˈlɛp tɒn)

n., pl. -ta (-tə).
1. a monetary unit of modern Greece, equal to 1/100 of the drachma.
2. a small copper or bronze coin of ancient Greece.
[1715–25; < Greek leptón (nómisma) a small (coin), n. use of neuter of leptós small; see lepto-]


(ˈlɛp tɒn)
n., pl. -tons.
any of a class of elementary particles with spin of ½ that are not subject to the strong force, as the electron and muon.
[1948; < Greek, neuter of leptós small, slight; see lepto-, -on1]
lep•ton′ic, adj.
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Noun1.lepton - 100 lepta equal 1 drachma in Greece
Greek monetary unit - monetary unit in Greece
Greek drachma, drachma - formerly the basic unit of money in Greece
2.lepton - an elementary particle that participates in weak interactions; has a baryon number of 0
electron, negatron - an elementary particle with negative charge
elementary particle, fundamental particle - (physics) a particle that is less complex than an atom; regarded as constituents of all matter
fermion - any particle that obeys Fermi-Dirac statistics and is subject to the Pauli exclusion principle
mu-meson, muon, negative muon - an elementary particle with a negative charge and a half-life of 2 microsecond; decays to electron and neutrino and antineutrino
neutrino - an elementary particle with zero charge and zero mass
tau-minus particle, tauon - a lepton of very great mass
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Elementary particles can be categorized into hadrons and leptons in accord with whether they participate in the strong interaction or not.
v] are the total energies of emitted leptons, and A and B are the usual decay asymmetry parameters arising from parity violation for the charged lepton and the neutrino, respectively.
The fundamental particles of matter are in two families, leptons and quarks.
Although some theorists had suggested that heavy leptons exist, no one was certain that any would be found (SN: 9/12/92, p.
interacting fundamental particles, or quarks, and six weakly interacting particles, or leptons.
Last week, five separate teams of researchers reported evidence that, taken together, limits to three the number of families of fundamental particles known as quarks and leptons that can exist.
The standard model holds that everything is built out of six kinds of quarks and six kinds of leptons, and that these quarks and leptons are the most elementary forms of matter.
Neutrinos and muons are leptons and so are believed to be simple elementary particles.
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