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n.1.(Biol.) A genus of bacteria, characterized by having their filaments very long, slender, and indistinctly articulated.
a.1.(Biol.) Having the form of a little chain; - applied to bacteria when, as in multiplication by fission, they form a chain of filiform individuals.
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The species of Leptothrix, Sporotrichum, and Rhinospiridium are also known to invade the lacrimal sac.
In addition, an uncommon group of bacterial genera including Rhodopseudomonas, Bdellovibrio, Opitutus, Spartobacteria, Leptothrix, and Nitrospira were identified.
The banana site had a significantly higher proportion of sequences (15% of total) assigned to the 'Incertae sedis 5' family (Aquabacterium, Leptothrix, and unclassified genera), which were absent from the sugarcane samples.