Lespedeza sericea

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Noun1.Lespedeza sericea - perennial widely planted as for forage and as hay crop especially on poor land
genus Lespedeza - genus of shrubs or herbs of tropical Asia and Australia and the eastern United States
bush clover, lespedeza - shrubby or herbaceous plants widely used for forage, soil improvement, and especially hay in southern United States
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TABLE 8-3 Permissible Velocities for Vegetated Channels Permissible Velocity (m/s) (b) Cover Slope Erosion-Resistant Easily Eroded Range (a) Soils Soils 0-5 2.4 1.8 Bermudagrass 5-10 2.1 1.5 >10 1.8 1.2 Bahia Buffalo grass 0-5 2.1 1.5 Kentucky bluegrass 5-10 1.8 1.2 Smooth brome >10 1.5 0.9 Blue grama Tall fescue Grass mixtures 0-5 1.5 1.2 Reed canary grass 5-10 1.2 0.9 Lespedeza sericea Weeping lovegrass Yellow bluestem Redtop 0-5 (c) 1.0 0.8 Alfalfa Red fescue Common lespedeza (d) 0-5 1.0 0.8 Sudangrass (d) (a) Do not use on slopes steeper than 10 percent except for vegetated side slopes in combination with a stone, concrete, or highly resistant vegetative center section.
Seasonal variation in tannin content of Lespedeza sericea. J.