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 (lĕs′ĭng), Doris May Taylor 1919-2013.
British writer known for her five-volume series Children of Violence (1952-1969) and for The Golden Notebook (1962). In 2007 she was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature.


, Gotthold Ephraim 1729-1781.
German playwright and critic. A leader of the Enlightenment, he wrote the plays Minna von Barnhelm (1767) and Nathan the Wise (1779).


1. (Biography) Doris (May). 1919–2013, English novelist and short-story writer, brought up in Rhodesia: her novels include the five-novel sequence Children of Violence (1952–69), The Golden Notebook (1962), a series of science-fiction works (1979–83), The Good Terrorist (1985), and The Sweetest Dream (2001). Nobel prize for literature 2007
2. (Biography) Gotthold Ephraim (ˈɡɔthɔlt ˈeːfrɑɪm). 1729–81, German dramatist and critic. His plays include Miss Sara Sampson (1755), the first German domestic tragedy, and Nathan der Weise (1779). He is noted for his criticism of French classical dramatists, and for his treatise on aesthetics Laokoon (1766)


(ˈlɛs ɪŋ)

1. Doris (May), born 1919, British writer.
2. Gotthold Ephraim, 1729–81, German playwright and critic.
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Noun1.Lessing - German playwright and leader of the Enlightenment (1729-1781)Lessing - German playwright and leader of the Enlightenment (1729-1781)
2.Lessing - English author of novels and short stories who grew up in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) (born in 1919)
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Indeed, the attempt to write several thousand lines of pure descriptive poetry was in itself ill-judged, since as the German critic Lessing later pointed out, poetry is the natural medium not for description but for narration; and Thomson himself virtually admitted this in part by resorting to long dedications and narrative episodes to fill out his scheme.
A powerful, intellectual analysis of some well-marked subject, in such form as makes literature enduring, is indeed what the world might have looked for from him: those institutes of aesthetics, for instance, which might exist, after Lessing and Hegel, but which certainly do not exist yet.
In a long detailed examination of these plays, their sources, and the commentaries on them, taking up more than a quarter of Hamburg Dramaturgy (102-60), Lessing delivers his coup de grace to Neoclassical mediocrity.
When Doris Lessing gave a speech on receiving the Prince of Asturias Prize in 2002, she had a lot to say about 'the educated person' and in that address she compared the product of the traditional humanist education with the graduate specialist of today.
Joining the board are Gary Lessing and Michael Atkin, both as directors.
Gotthold Ephraim Lessing said, "A grateful thought toward heaven is of itself a prayer.
This clear and thorough study of Gotthold Ephraim Lessing (1729-81) approaches him as a theologian, that is, as a thinker conscientiously coming to grips with his inherited Christianity in the face of the Enlightenment of his own time.
Doris Lessing left Africa--Southern Rhodesia to be precise, to journey by ship to England with the most meagre of personal possessions--a suitcase, a small sum of money and a manuscript.
Rory Kinnear provided plenty of these as superstar surgeon Robert Lessing, but the entire ensemble cast - Lydia Leonard (Caroline), Matthew Baynton (William) and Tom Basden (John) - was excellent, while Rupert Everett, as the not-tobe-messed-with Dr Hendricks, added a delightful air of menace.
Lessing, who made it a point to say he is a 93-year-old World War II veteran, wrote a letter to the judges of the U.
La surveillance se relache cette meme annee, lorsque Doris Lessing rompt avec le Parti communiste pour protester contre l'intervention des forces sovietiques en Hongrie.
Pritchett, Stanley Kunitz, Doris Lessing, Mavis Gallant, and Russell Baker, the first generation of writers to write about old age based on their experiences.