Let's play football

Let's play football 
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Summary: Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir)[India], June 12 (ANI): Let's Play Football, an initiative under the Central government's ambitious 'Khelo India,' has begun here.
"If you ask footballers what they want, they'd say a wet pitch, let's go, let's pass, let's play football. You can slide better, everything is better," he said.
If you ask footballers what they want, they would say a wet pitch, let's go, let's pass, let's play football.
"We try to be as long as possible in the tunnel to really focus on the football game and if there is something to celebrate at the end of the season we will be the first to celebrate, until then let's play football."
"Find the right line-up, let's play football and everything is good."
This is get up the field, and let's play football."
What I really like about the guy is if we lose a couple of games he sticks with his philosophy of 'let's play football'.
"If you say 'Right, let's play football - you play your best and we'll play our best' I'd back Man United against anyone.
Surprising, then, that we've not heard the old 'let's play football in the summer' brigade.
"So, let's play football because that's the only thing we can really do, the only thing we really have influence on - that's what I tried to tell the boys.