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    (lĕt´ǒf`; 115)
n.1.(Mach.) A device for letting off, releasing, or giving forth, as the warp from the cylinder of a loom.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The let-off is unlikely to impress Chelsea who were hit by a twowindow transfer ban which has severely weakened their chances of winning silverware and getting back into the top four.
Yesterday, wardens gave motorists a let-off if they had parked without paying.
Nuneaton did not take heed of the let-off as in the 338th minute they were behind.
McPherson wrote, "I ask all potential customers what trigger let-off they want.
State-of-the-art technology at the firm includes an all new textile calendering system; a four-roll inclined Z calender system; an automatic mass measuring and gauge control system; a fully equipped operator control panel with automatic and manual capabilities; let-off and wind-up accumulators that permit uninterrupted production during raw roll and finished roll changes; a cooling drum tower that provides stable control of material tack automatically; a pin barrel extruder; automatic web centering and width control units; pre-tension and post-tension control units; a heavy duty hydraulic splice press; fully integrated PLC drive systems; dual raw material let-off stations; dual finished material wind-up and liner let-off stations; perforation capability; and a clean environment.
The basis for the most different solutions of problems in this respect consists of various control systems available for the warp let-off and cloth take-up.
The SP had extended support to the Congress-led UPA Government in the last months of its tenure, but the alliance seemed to have run into rough weather over several issues in the recent past, one being the let-off given to the Italian origin businessman, Ottavio Quattrocchi in the Bofors case.
A police let-off will no longer be an option under new hard-line proposals being discussed by ministers and senior police.
A West Midlands Police spokesman said cautioning was not intended to be a 'let-off' and could be successful in keeping young first-time offenders out of the criminal justice system.
Dragons made the most of the let-off by manufacturing a touchdown in the 12th minute.
That proved a brief let-off for Northampton with Spencer forcing in what proved the winning goal from the ensuing scramble.