a.1.See Leachy.
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bit like drunken letchy uncle at a wedding who doesn't get the message.
Ladies in the UAE often complain of letchy approaches from men.
But if they think that lewd remarks and letchy guys were exclusive to the airwaves they are sorely mistaken.
With the women at the firm, friends of the family, yeah, he [Bernie] was inappropriately letchy," she added.
By this point the lads were becoming uncomfortably letchy so we left the bar and headed back to our hotel to end our night early --but at least safe.
Mike hits the roof when Sarah brings Roger home to stay, and is relieved when she decides to dump the letchy lecturer after he makes a pass at Zoe.
He's a lovely lad, why doesn't she just get back with him and leave his letchy dad alone?
He also gets very jealous at the thought of other players and even fans looking at his girlfriend in a letchy way.